Our Mission

Building Relationships, Constructing Careers
The world of recruitment can be a minefield; We are here to simplify the recruitment process for you. Our aim is to bring together great construction companies with great talent.
Whether you are looking to hire or looking for work, our goal is to come together in a collaborative manner to support you and in turn deliver a high level of service for our customers. We understand that every customer is different therefore we strive to deliver a service, bespoke and tailored to you, making the recruitment process enjoyable and successful.

Industry Background

Our founders have a combined 25 years’ experience recruiting specifically for Construction professionals in the UK.  Having experienced the height of construction in the early 2000’s to adapting during the global recession, our team has the skillset and experience required to assist you in either securing your next hire or the next step in your career.  We understand the complexities of the Infrastructure and Civil Engineering sector and the importance of having strong relationships with the people we work with. 

We are experts in recruiting professionals from Graduate / Entry Level through to Director and Board level in the Civil and Infrastructure world, this is for Main Contractors, Specialist Sub Contractors and Developers / Self Delivery Developers.  


Building Relationships

Strong, reliable, trustworthy relationships are key in life not only in business, and at ProCivils our Directors have this as one of the fundamental principles of our business. In the world of recruitment where sales targets can take precedence over customer service, ProCivils understand that to truly have a productive relationship with our customers we need to align ourselves with your needs, desires and problems then work with you to overcome the challenges and deliver success.
By working with ProCivils you will benefit from dealing 1-2-1 with a recruitment industry expert, and no one else. We take great pride in building relationships that are not based on transactional recruitment but built on the foundations of Trust, Honesty, Delivery and Success to work towards a long term plan.

Constructing Careers

We understand that the relationship between the skilled job seeker and the recruitment consultant is key, we are your agent after all!
At ProCivils we are not only here to assist our clients in finding great talent but also to crucially help our candidates to find their dream job or the next step in their career, something we take great pride in doing! At ProCivils, we are not forced in to helping every job seeker or hard selling every job to anyone who will listen just to hit targets. We are here to simply find the right people the right job, whether that be today, next month, next year.
We also understand that there are plenty of people who are happy in their current role but may want to keep their ear to the ground with ‘what’s out there’. Feel free to contact us for a confidential conversation and with our help, in the future, we can take your career further or could simply improve your work / life balance.

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